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Various homemade products from nature that are used to holistically or herbally heal the body and restore the 102 minerals your body is naturally made from. 

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Alkaline elderberry remedy    This all natural, organic  homemade elderberry remedy, assists or aids in the healing of the immune system which will easily rid the body of the mucus that forms the common cold. It’s a great immune booster that can combat certain allergies and cancer. The elderberry tonic...
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PMS remedy    Relieving cramps, slows the flow, spotting,heavy bleeding, hormonal irregularities,nutritional deficiencies,diarrhea,vaginal infections. Increases libido, & decreases cyst.    Red clover Raspberry leaf Damiana Chondrus chrispus (seamoss) Blessed thistle Catnip Valerian Shepherd purse Fennel Juniper berries Plus many moor   This remedy contains over 6  Dr.Sebi approved ✔️Alkaline Herbs...
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Natural Alkaline liver remedy This all natural, organic alkaline remedy, assists in the helping, the liver rid the body of the toxins and acidity that cause a build up of mucus,which forms diseases in your body. The naturally organic alkalizing herbs paired are an excellent booster to assist the liver...
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Colon cleanse    #fennelseeds seeds  #Wormwood (store has it) #Cloves  #Dill  #Blessedthistle  #Casagrada  #Seamoss  #Rhubarb  #Holybasil  #ginger    When ridding the body of mucus as well as  working towards reaching a #healthy lifestyle . One will always have to cleanse the colon which is where majority of toxic waste is...
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#Burdockroot #Yellowdock #Blackwalnut #Wormwood #SEAMOSS #Chaparral #Clove #Thyme #Ginger #Dandelion #Fennel #Basil   #Candida   Here’s a remedy for  the yeast like  parasitic fungus that causes thrush and many other types of candida . This allows the skin to rid the body of yeast which is another form of  mucus...
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$20.00 $30.00   Ig:Brettsremedies    We are not playing over here. When it comes to healing, eye will have you covered. All naturally alkalizing remedies that allow all of  the oxygen to properly flow thru your body in all areas mixed with the proper hydrogen levels. The acidic,hybridized, genetically modified foods...