Alkaline elderberry homemade  syrup remedy

Alkaline elderberry homemade syrup remedy

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Alkaline elderberry remedy 




burdock root

yellowdock root


stinging nettle

holy basil


key limes 

  Dosages for remedies 
2 oz =4 table spoons 🥄 
4 oz=8 table spoons 🥄 
8 oz = 16 table spoons 🥄 
12 oz = 24 table spoons 🥄 
16 oz = 32 table spoons 🥄 

This all natural, organic  homemade elderberry remedy, assists or aids in the healing of the immune system which will easily rid the body of the mucus that forms the common cold. It’s a great immune booster that can combat certain allergies and cancer. The elderberry tonic allows the oxygen to properly flow in the body which restores the strength in the body to replenish or repair itself as the body is naturally made to heal itself.

ALL ingredients are approved by Dr. Sebi’s alkaline list.  This remedy is also excellent for children  of all ages, as well as adults. ALL ingredients are natural. the natural sugar used in this remedy,which comes from the agave plant 🌱 thats indigenous to Mexico replaces the synthetic and hazardous sugars that are commonly put in today’s foods and can cause children to have adhd.


For maximum results take 1 table spoon 🥄 every two-3 hours and watch the healing begin. For babies & children under 12  years of age ,you can give half of that dosage because their immune system hasn’t  fully developed yet and you wouldn’t want to possibly disturb the process.


Below are some major benefits of elderberries 

The benefits of elderberries include. 

1.major cold and flu relief 

2.lowers blood sugar

3.encourages healthy skin

4.sinus infection aid 

5.natural laxative 

6.ease allergies 

7.helps prevent cancer 

8.Natural diuretic 

9.Enhances the immune function by boosting the production of cytokines.

10.Helps relive nasal congestion 

11.Naturally support for arthritis 

12.Used for centuries to treat wounds when applied to the skin.

13.helps in weight loss

14.helps to alleviate joint pain and soreness caused by inflammation.

15.helps in weight loss while boosting the immune system.

16.promotes bone strength & development of new bone 🦴 tissue.

17.helps to alleviate joint pain and soreness caused by inflammation.

18.aids in eliminating excess cholesterol from the body.

19.⭐️reduces appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

20.helps to prevent atherosclerosis & other cardiovascular issues.


In addition to the benefits above elderberries also enhances the body for children.

1.anti-oxidant immunity 

3.natural detoxifier 

4.strengthens bones 

5.controls blood sugar levels 

6.cleanses & protects the liver

7.protects your child’s heart ⭐️

8.cold and flu relief 

9.improved respiratory health 


Sizes available (comes in glass container to better preserve shelf life) which is over 2 months. 

Shipping is priority in the United States 



4oz bottle = $10 

8oz bottle = $16

12oz bottle =$25

16oz bottle =$30


Plus shipping and handling $7 (priority mail )


when product arrives immediately refrigerate until the item is empty for maximum results.


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