Brett’s Alkaline liver cleanse remedy

Brett’s Alkaline liver cleanse remedy

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 Dosages for remedies 
2 oz =4 table spoons 🥄 
4 oz=8 table spoons 🥄 
8 oz = 16 table spoons 🥄 
12 oz = 24 table spoons 🥄 
16 oz = 32 table spoons 🥄 

Natural Alkaline liver remedy
This all natural, organic alkaline remedy, assists in the helping, the liver rid the body of the toxins and acidity that cause a build up of mucus,which forms diseases in your body. The naturally organic alkalizing herbs paired are an excellent booster to assist the liver to function as it was created to,when receiving the proper oxygen it needs to properly flow in the body which restores the strength in the body to repair itself as the body is naturally made to heal itself.
ALL ingredients are approved by Dr. Sebi’s alkaline list. This remedy is also child friendly for young adults as it’s ingredients are natural from nature.ALL ingredients are natural. the natural sugar used in this remedy,which comes from the agave plant 🌱 thats indigenous to Mexico replaces the synthetic and hazardous sugars that are commonly put in today’s foods and can cause children to have adhd.

For maximum results take 2 table spoon 🥄 every 2-3 hours and watch the healing begin. For children under 12 years of can give half of that dosage because their immune system hasn’t fully developed yet and you wouldn’t want to possibly disturb the process.