Alkaline Seamoss soap

Alkaline Seamoss soap

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This ALKALINE SOAP ūüßľreplenishes the full 102 #minerals the body is naturally made up of alone. By pairing the drsebi Alkaline herbs of SEAMOSS & BLADDERWRACK. We‚Äôve also added BABASSU OIL¬†,COCONUT OIL , OLIVE OIL,¬†CASTOR OIL,¬†BURDOCKROOT & MORINGA to allow the skin to re-hydrate itself. allowing¬† the skin to regain the flow of OXYGEN it needs to restore its natural¬† #Healthy glow. When you put the minerals back in your body not only do you feel better. Your skin will also look healthier because you are releasing the poisonous toxins out of it . You¬† do this by nourishing the skin with the approved organic herbs. Your skin will look radiant, and be moisturized because the correct minerals that can fix the skin. Which is very important when planning on healing any location of the body. The scent is wonderful and has a remembrance of herbs with a peaceful scent from nature . The bar is engraved with my signature logo and has a marble color that looks¬† amazing after each use.


Here are some extra benefits of using this soap below 

Ability to increase energy

  1. Lowers cholesterol levels
  2. Prevents inflammation
  3. Moistures the skin
  4. Repairs hair damage
  5. Eliminates body odors
  6. Improves health of nails & cuticles
  7. Slows down again process
  8. Speeds up healing in the body