Dalmatian Necklace

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Dalmatian Stone (Aplite) Available for purchase 
Crystal system: Monoclinic 
Chemistry: Complex combination 
Hardness: 5- 7.5
Number: 9
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Beneficial for: Animals, balancing yin- yang, mood elevation, nightmares, athletes, fidelity,cartilage, nerves, and reflexes, sprains 

A protective influence, Dalmatian Stone is said to sound a warning when danger is near. Helping you get out of your head into your body. Grounding and centering Dalmatian Stone physicalizes the soul, assisting in coming joyful into incarnation. Harmonizing your emotions, it maintains composure and helps avoid over-analysis. Dalmatian Stone helps you to move forward in life, but at the same time it helps you allow you to reflect on potential actions and plan with care. A fortifying stone, it stimulates your sense of fun and is an excellent pick-me-up. This stone transmutes negative nrg (innerg) and outgrown patterns.

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Size(US) Chest Neck
M 38" - 40" 15" - 15 1/2"
L 41" - 43" 16" - 16 1/2"
XL 44" - 46" 17" - 17 1/2"
XXL 47" - 49" 18" - 18 1/2"