Knowledge of self 3 symbol pocket tee

Knowledge of self 3 symbol pocket tee

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Knowledge of self shirt 

A shirt that pays homage to mdw ntchr (medu netcher) which is the proper name for what people call hieroglyphics.

The eye of heru or the eye of ra is the enlightened portion of your brain called the pineal gland that resembles a pine cone shape when it’s not calcified,also called the third eye which allows you to see beyond the vail that’s been put fourth over your two eyes by society’s mental conditioning. The second symbol is the ankh which is a kemetic symbol that represents eternal life from the natural process of creation. The symbol is the males phallus and the women’s Fallopian tube coming together as one to create eternal life. The mer or pyramid as most call is still till this date the worlds greatest architectural design that has never been duplicated and possesses so much powerful NRG (energy) that was created by man. The nesut bity which is what people call the Pharoah is considered the most royal elitist and was selected by the people for the people. Finally we have the owl which represents enlightenment as an owl has night vision and is able to slowly turn its head in a 360 degree motion so it able to be aware of its surroundings in all settings. 



The yoniverse is the universe but paying homage to the portal of life which we all come from which Is the females yoni or vagina. We acknowledge the importance of the feminine #nrg as well as realizing that we all started out as an X chromosome before manifesting into the Y. We respect Mother Nature which is here to nurture us as our mother’s did in the womb.



Embracing ones weirdness is one the greatest things that one can do. You can be free and comfortable in your own skin and be proud of knowing that your being true to thy self.

Witty. Enlightened. Irresistible. Real.different Original stand tall and be proud to be a weirdo 



Life or death 

The ankh is the kemetic symbol for eternal life 

Which is the male and female reproductive parts (organs) put together to create the natural process of creation which is life. While the cross represents resurrection. In order to resurrect either you or a part of you must die.So the choice is simply yours do you choose life or death. 



 Eat like sebi fight like Ali speak like Malcolm 

This shirt pays respect to three great leaders who stood alone in their fields and went against the oppressor. Alfredo bowman born in Honduras  better known as dr sebi is the greatest herbalist of our time. He posted in the late 80s in a few magazines that he had a cure for hiv and was arrested by the police for false advertising because he used the word cure. He had no schooling and his case was taken to the Supreme Court, where he proved that he had the cure and stated that the cause of all diseases is mucus and can be found in any location of the body. He also had several witnesses who stated that his herbal remedies and treatments cured them from numerous types cancers. This resulted in him being the only herbalist to win in the Supreme Court as to having the cure for aids still till this date.He created the African bio mineral balance which is a list of foods and herbs that are least mucus forming in the body and restores the 102 minerals that the body is made of by restoring the electricity that the body naturally produces when you eat electrical or alkaline foods and drink natural spring water with a ph level or 7.0 or higher. Alfredo bowman also stated that all diseases are caused by mucus, which can be forming in any location of the body. The way you cure it is by eating natural alkaline foods/ herbs,fasting and detoxing. Cancer can’t survive in a alkaline setting therefore you want to keep your body regulated at 7.0 to be neural or 7.5 to be on the safe side and alkaline. Muhammad Ali which is considered one if not the greatest boxer of all time was chosen to be on this shirt because he has done something that no one else especially an athlete has done on this planet and deserves homage paid to him. There was a survey taken in the 70s as who were the most popular people in the world and the two names that showed up were Michael Jackson and Muhammad Ali. He was the world heavyweight champion of the world and was drafted to the army during the  Vietnam war. Being the stand up man who he was he declined and said “that he wouldn’t fight in the viet Cong war when they aren’t his enemy and his enemy lives here in America” he was then stripped of his belt, banned from boxing for awhile and thrown in jail because he wouldn’t go to war against people whom he had no problems with. He was an activist and openly spoke out. He not only fought in the ring but fought for what he believed was truthful,just and fare. Last we have Malcolm x who was a very popular leader during the civil rights movement and spoke out openly against his oppressor and was very well informed of his rights as a human being . He was an advocate for one gaining knowledge of self and stated that he was non violent unless provoked to be.he had stated that he wasn’t here  to start any trouble but if trouble was brought his way, that he would defend himself by any means necessary. Malcolm x also is great influence to show that one can turn there life around if they aren’t on the right path as he was known on the streets as “red” and was incarcerated and found religion during his stint and after released back into society he changed his life around and became the face of the Nation of Islam by being one of not there most influential speaker still to date.


Namaste away from bad vibes 

The shirt is a way to stay away from negative or bad vibrations,by putting a spin on the word namaste which is the Hindu way of saying that #eye welcome and allow your #nrg #innerg into my soul and vise versa. Stating namaste away from bad vibes is a spin on saying that eye am going to stay away from bad vibes.

The shirt also has the ohm on it which stands for everything is it’s own source of vibration and consciousness on this #yoniverse (universe) 


666 melanin carbon shirt 

Contrary to what believe about the number 666 being the representation of the devil it’s actual the dna of the #aboriginal / #indigenous human beings also known as black people. 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons and 1 carbon creates what is known most commonly as melanin but it’s carbon  or hue of the first humans on the planet. So the shirt pays #homage to our ancestors and breaks the stigma of the association of 666.


Be free like Harriet while escaping like assata with the essence of badu 


Harriet Tubman was a brilliant beautiful American abolitionist who’s most popularized or known for freeing kidnapped people aka slaves by using the Underground Railroad and she freed herself along with numerous other black people who were on plantations  from emancipation