Knowledge of self basketball short red 3 symbol

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Knowledge of self 3 symbols shorts 

These shorts pays homage to mdw ntchr (medu netcher) which is the proper name for what people call hieroglyphics.

The eye of heru or the eye of ra is the enlightened portion of your brain called the pineal gland that resembles a pine cone shape when it’s not calcified,also called the third eye which allows you to see beyond the vail that’s been put fourth over your two eyes by society’s mental conditioning. The second symbol is the ankh which is a kemetic symbol that represents eternal life from the natural process of creation. The symbol is the males phallus and the women’s Fallopian tube coming together as one to create eternal life. Finally we have the owl which represents enlightenment as an owl has night vision and is able to slowly turn its head in a 360 degree motion so it able to be aware of its surroundings in all settings.


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Size(US) Chest Neck
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L 41" - 43" 16" - 16 1/2"
XL 44" - 46" 17" - 17 1/2"
XXL 47" - 49" 18" - 18 1/2"