Orange calcite tumbled

Orange calcite tumbled

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Orange calcite (available for purchasing)

Crystal system: hexagonal 

Chemistry: CaCO3 Calcium carbonate with impurities 


Source: USA, Uk, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, Iceland, Romania, Brazil 🇧🇷 

Chakra: base, sacral 

Zodiac sign: cancer

Planet: sun ☀️ 


Beneficial for: reproductive system, sexual abuse, gallbladder, intestinal disorders, irritable bowel, mucus, study, motivation, laziness, revitalization, emotional stress, organs or elimination, calcium uptake in bones, dissolving calcification, skeleton, joints, intestinal conditions, skin, blood clotting, tissue healing, immune system, growth in small children.


In addition to carrying the genetic properties of calcite. Orange calcite is a highly energizing and cleansing stone. Balancing the emotions, it removes karmic hooks and memories of old abuse held in the sacral chakra, facilitating healing on all levels. It assists in integrating new insights and creativity into everyday life.


Ig: Ntchrubillions85