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Rainbow moon stone (available for purchasing)

Crystal system: monoclinic 

Chemistry: K(AlSI308) +Na,Fe,Ba

Hardness: 6

Source: India, Sri Lanka, Australia 

Chakra: All

Number: 77

Zodiac sign: Cancer 

Planet: Moon 

Beneficial for: internal organs, eyes, arteries and veins.

In addition to carrying the generic properties of Moonstone (above) rainbow Moonstone houses a spiritual being that carries the vibration of light and spiritual healing for the whole of humanity, reminding you that you are apart of an ongoing, ever- unfolding “cycle of cycles” Linking you to your overall lives-plan as well as the current life plan, it helps you see the unseen, read symbols and synchronicities intuitively, and open yourself to spiritual gifts. #crystals #crystal #healing #stone #stones #gemstones #gemstone #rainbow #moonlight #love #health 



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Size(US) Chest Neck
M 38" - 40" 15" - 15 1/2"
L 41" - 43" 16" - 16 1/2"
XL 44" - 46" 17" - 17 1/2"
XXL 47" - 49" 18" - 18 1/2"