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We unite like 2pac heal like Sebi Hussle like Nipsey-1

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2PAC shakur son of black panther  affini shakur.,Who was an impressive actor and musical icon in the hiphop industry.was known for going against the grain and  the system that oppressed him and his people. He spoke openly about uniting  black and brown people of colour together to stop the gang violence that was in Los Angeles.which is considered his second home.as he was originally born in New York,but quickly moved to Baltimore as a child and made his claim to fame in Los Angeles California. He spoke of women’s in a high regard in his beginning with songs such as “Brenda’s got a baby” and dear mama. 2pac wanted justice for the black community and wasn’t afraid to show his passion for it and was an activist who rapped on social issues within the urban community and the injustices of the streets from the perspective of the people raw and uncut.


Alfredo bowman born in Honduras  better known as DR SEBI  is the greatest herbalist of our time. He posted in the late 80s in a few magazines that he had a cure for hiv and was arrested by the police for false advertising because he used the word cure. He had no schooling and his case was taken to the Supreme Court, where he proved that he had the cure and stated that the cause of all diseases is mucus and can be found in any location of the body. He also had several witnesses who stated that his herbal remedies and treatments cured them from numerous types of cancers. This resulted in him being the only herbalist to win in the Supreme Court as to having the cure for aids still till this date.He created the African bio mineral balance which is a list of foods and herbs that are least mucus forming in the body and restores the 102 minerals that the body is made of by restoring the electricity that the body naturally produces when you eat electrical or alkaline foods and drink natural spring water with a ph level or 7.0 or higher. Alfredo bowman also stated that all diseases are caused by mucus, which can be forming in any location of the body. The way you cure it is by eating natural alkaline foods/ herbs,fasting and detoxing. Cancer can’t survive in a alkaline setting therefore you want to keep your body regulated at 7.0 to be neural or 7.5 to be on the safe side.



Last but certainly not least we have the Martyr NIPSEY HUSSLE , who recently was assassinated but   showed you how to hussle (hustlin in his own impeccable way)independently, on how to help you make mature  boss moves about obtaining ownership & your masters. He was working on unifying the bloods and crips to come together and stop the violence.nipsey also was purchasing land in his neighborhood and making it affordable for low family income housing . nipsey Spoke of a code with morals, as well as how to unify and be a family man all while keeping it honest. You will live on forever for the impeccable works you put out as a beautiful soul that this planet 🌎 is privileged to be able to witness. #nipseyhussle #2pac #drsebi #martyrs




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